A five-year plan

Still working on those unfinished drafts… 😉

Do you have a five-year plan?

I don’t.

Should I?

Occasionally, I run across that advice in one of those columns that tells you how to fix your life. It’s attractive. Hey, I’m a person with a plan who is going places…

Well, I think I’m a guy who knows where my towel is (unless my daughter has left them on the floor of her room again), but I’ve not really approached my life that way. Having a family tends to throw a monkey wrench in one’s good intentions. Maybe one day I’ll work out how to be a super dad who makes crafts with his awesome kids while hang-gliding, or maybe the trick is to save that for grandchildren.

Isn’t living in the moment meant to be a good thing anyway? I suppose it is, unless one isn’t living, unless one isn’t anaethetized by modern media, distracted by cat pictures. Hmm…that reminds me, I’m not sure I’ve seen a text from the Dalai Lama recently? Best check my twitter feed….

Yunomae Town, Kumamoto, Japan

Last one…….I’m never going to finish these… and that was five years ago!


When I was 22 I lived in Yunomae, Japan for two years. It was a both a wonderful time and a very difficult time. I find it hard to think about because I have real regrets about the experience. If ever there was a case of being older and wiser, and thinking that youth is wasted on the young, this pretty much fits the bill.

I lived in a beautiful location, had free time, and was hosted by incredibly generous and wonderful people. At the same time, the work was unfulfilling, and the culture shock eventually became a very real thing.

When I think about it, I’m very sad to have lost touch with the lovely people I met and who were so kind to me.


Just had to unpublish something. My Google “juice” is evidently still enough that my (not quite neutral enough) comment on a project of ours turned up as the second result on searching Google for that project name.

Google Hosting

It seems to me that a fairly well-hidden feature of Google Apps is that you can map a Google Site to a “regular” url, like www.example.com.

In essence this means that if you get all the features that you want with a Google site and the other integrated services (email, calendar, docs, etc), then you can use Google for all your hosting needs. Obviously if you want WordPress or some custom component, it’s not going to meet your needs, but it will work for a lot of people, and it’s free (and obviously very reliable). It’s also got excellent documentation, ease of use and in the long-term a web site design contractor doesn’t have to worry so much about those endless requests for support or upgrades.

I’ve just more or less finished setting a friend’s business up like this and they couldn’t be happier. It’s a site for a rehabilitation service for pets.