Blacksburg Blogging

I really do not have time for this, but I am contemplating the occasional post on my adopted home town of Blacksburg, VA (my real home town is in England). I have looked very deeply, but I have not found much online, and few weblogs writing about the place, at least in any depth. That surprises me, given its long online history.

Just as an example, I have to say, that I do like the optician I use, Tech Optical, for the simple reason that the owner isn’t afraid to offer an opinion on how you look, and actually seems like she knows what she is talking about when it comes to face shape and glasses shape. To be honest, most of the time when I go into a glasses store, my eyes glaze over, and the help I get is pitiful. Lots of choices, and no idea where to start. I appreciate informed feedback, and it’s offered in a professional, friendly fashion.

I hope to have a new pair in the next few weeks.

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