My kids’ school using blogs and google calendar

My kids’ elementary school has the principal blogging using blogger, and the school calendar maintained using Google Calendar. This makes it really easy to keep track of what’s going on at their school, using my customized Google Homepage. I’ve added the RSS feed for the principal’s blog to my home page, and the school events to the calendar widget. A bit of digging reveals that Google Calendar also supports RSS, so I could be reading both in any RSS reader.

Now, if only the teacher blogs (yes, there are those) had RSS feeds too, but they use sites instead.

It’s gratifying as, dare I say it, a pioneer in this stuff to see it becoming mainstream…eight years or so after it all got going!

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  1. Hey, David. Just a note to sigh in agreement at the 6 long years in my case (not quite a match for your 8). Took me 3 years to get everyone at Galileo to have a blog; then the 3 best bloggers quit. Back to square one. We’re piloting the new suite too ( ) and playing around with embedded calendars on some Manila sites. It’s a slow slog. Nice to have that impression validated. Resurrects my patience.

  2. Thanks, Pat, for stopping by and leaving the comment. I appreciate it. I’ve really not been blogging consistently for a while now, but it’s good to see a familiar name.

    I sat in on an online seminar on Google Apps for Education, their packaged update which seems more coordinated now than just Google Mail for Domains–that’s what you are talking about right?. It seems very attractive from the outside, but Microsoft’s Live@edu is better on the support front at the moment, which management really pays attention to. It’s a little frustrating when I really consider Google’s to be the higher quality applications. I think it could really transform a lot of how our students and faculty think about their web presence.

    The “only” application I see now that Microsoft has which Google has not explicitly incorporated into the suite is blogging.

    I’m interested to hear how it is going for you.



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